Jan 27 UPD:


1. Detailed Butt Slider is now available as overlay body presets 

(you can optionally install this mod if you are not using the slider for example)




  • can be used in conjunction with other custom body presets

  • 6 options that follow each other in the body presets section in cas

  • the last one cancels the non-removable overlay effect

  • 125% and 150% - these are completely new enlarged versions 

2. New slider version with 50% increased butt
you need to replace the old slider file with this new one 


November 2020:

body presets

completed updates,free downloads.


I've been working on updates for male presets since october and completed it just yesterday.

this is what changed:



Nov 28-29 UPD:


girlie body preset:


  • available for witch + mermaid sims


old azog + david body presets:

  • improved and smoothed shapes,

  • fixed roughness, some shading problems and geometry bugs like this:


Oct 26 UPD:

old azog + david body presets:

  • available for witch + mermaid

  • removed broad shoulders

  • improved shapes

  • new preview images:


also I inform you that these are now available for



male body preset


male body preset


male body preset

(4 versions)


female body preset

(2 versions)


May 3, 2020 UPD:



Dorian male body preset / 3 versions

Apr 3, 2020 UPD:


Latex Costume unisex GLOVES:

  • wasn't displayed, needed the "Get To Work" installed. now fixed

  • added seams and small folds as decorative details

  • added 3 new fullbody items:

Latex Costume Male FULLBODY 

Latex Costume Male FULLBODY + THOR Mid

Latex Costume Female FULLBODY + Pure Shape breast mesh without nipples


April 2020 UPD:


Breast meshes (3) + Default versions

3 April:

  • only for non-default breasts added the ability to remove the nipples texture

  • in cas for each item you have 2 swatches: first with texture and second without 



26 March:

  • added textures for nipples into all packages, both default and non-defaultwill help those who don't use custom skins and who have nipples that look pale or invisible

  • added xml tuning files only into the non-default packages to display breasts in the WW Body Selector