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DOWNLOAD Meghan female body preset / 6 versions

Updated: May 16, 2021


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in the final version the wrists are thickened and straightened more than it can be seen in the preview

this work is an attempt to bring to a satisfactory state my old female presets (faun particularly) to which i no longer want to return. it's much more logical to create something new than to work with old shapes. this thought didn't reach me immediately as you can guess so the presets don't go perfectly with the clothing, not as well as the "very normal" preset does. the next ones should be more similar to it, which i'm doing right now

all the versions have various features that are not particularly noticeable at first glance. and various compatibility with different types of custom clothing

to see the body preset panel in CAS you have to enter the code cas.fulleditmode before entering the sim editor

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