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DOWNLOAD Detailed Butt Slider / male + female versions

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

(looks less outstanding without the shine of the latex costume)

  • compatibility with clothing: weak or medium

  • compatibility with geometry of custom body presets: shown in the preview

the detail is achieved by sculpting and not by increasing the number of polygons (it remains the same). because you know presets and sliders use a large enough grid not intended for small details.

  • use the code cas.fulleditmode which opens up the ability to edit the body with sliders for already playable sims


Jan 27 UPD:

1. Detailed Butt Slider is now available as overlay body presets

(you can optionally install this mod if you are not using the slider for example)

  • can be used in conjunction with other custom body presets

  • 6 options that follow each other in the body presets section in cas

  • the last one cancels the non-removable overlay effect

  • 125% and 150% - these are completely new enlarged versions

download upd

overlay body presets: Patreon free

2. New slider version 50% increased butt

you need to replace the old slider file with this new one

download upd

increased slider version: Patreon free



SimFileShare / Patreon

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