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DOWNLOAD female sim Rachum Shibu

Rachum Shibu

  • vampire

  • gender: female (not a transsexual)

  • nationality: Indian (screenshots are made in Chinese interior)

  • queen of gangsters

  • sarcastic and creepy

  • loves money and relaxation

DOWNLOAD this sim here (Patreon)

сс: / skin: @obscurus-sims​ / face presets & sliders: @obscurus-sims@vibrantpixels​ Simmature / body preset: №1 by me / hair, third eye: @valhallansim​ / makeup: @magic-bot @pralinesims​ / accessories:@jomsimscreationsS-Club @pralinesims​ @savage-sims @waekey@bellaisadellima​ / clothes: @simstefani@nitropanic@waekey​ @savage-sims​ / shoes: @mmsims​​ @madlensims​​

DOWNLOAD Reshade presets used on screenshots: SimFileShare 

(I set all the game settings and anti-aliasing to a maximum, despite the fact that to use some of the Reshade functions, the game anti-aliasing should be turned off)

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